The Chapel of the Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sofia)

The chapel of the Holy Wisdom is open to all for prayer and contemplation. There are daily divine services in the chapel.

Divine services
From Monday to Friday Matins is served regularly at 8.30 am. The Liturgy (Orthodox eucharist service) is celebrated on Saturdays at 10.30 am.

The community of Sofia has prayers and services in the chapel also at other times. Feel free to enter the chapel at any time.

Sofia – wisdom
The Greek word ’sofia’ means wisdom. The word is used also in many English words, for example ‘philosophy’, “love of wisdom”. In the church, the word ‘wisdom’ refers especially to Christ.

The church of God’s Wisdom, Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul, is one the most important churches of Christianity. It was built in the capital of Byzantium, Constantinople, in the 6th century. After the conquest of the city by Turks in 1453 the church was converted into a mosque. Now it is a museum.

Sofia is also the name of a martyr saint Sofia. She lived with her three daughters during the times of persecution of early Christians 2nd Century AD.